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Pleasurable Health

Iamaranth was born from the phrase, I am amazing, which is a reminder of our inner strengths.

I amaranth was born from the intention of supporting the Amaranth crops in MEXICO throughout fair trade, and by contributing with all the communities that have been protecting these wonderful fields for decades. During the project we realized that amaranth seeds in MEXICO are not fairly traded, and that’s where our love for community compensation came into play.

Today we work directly with a community of amaranth farmers, supporting their local communities.

We love to be vertically integrated… IT’S THE HEART OF our AMARANTH LOVERS.


A family-owned business

We are the first BRAND in the world to be distributing amaranth products in a healthy, unique, beautiful and fair traded way.

We love amaranth…. It’s part of our culture and heritage. It’s a native ancient superseed that has been a staple food since the time of the Aztecs who believed it was a symbol for “enduring strength”. What began as street food we took a step further and made a Gluten Free, vegan and HEALTHIER VERSION of all of the favorite AMARANTH SNACKS we all grew up enjoying from the time we were children.

We are proud to be a family owned business, and lovers of amaranth, each of us in our own way.

Today we give you the opportunity to taste amaranth in a chewy way, but also in a salty, spicy way. Taste amaranth in a chocolate rich way, but also in a crunchy way. After a lot of tasting, testing and perfecting, we have developed the most amazing, unique, authentic great tasting amaranth snacks on the market.

We fell in love with amaranth and we want to make sure we spread that love EVERYWHERE. 

Thank you!

For supporting us in this wonderful mission